Find out the true identity of the person you're dating
Without being led on for months on end

Inside the mind in six minutes or less


It’s your third date this week - and it’s only Thursday. 


The first guy asked you plenty of questions. He shared a few embarrassing stories with you. He even waited with you for twenty minutes when your bus home was late. But you haven’t heard from him since. 


Guy #2 didn’t ask you a single question about yourself and turned every topic back to himself. Did you know he has a second home in Dubai? Hm. Now you think about it, he didn’t once make eye contact with you. 


So you head to your meeting place with a sense of dread and grim resignation. What will Guy #3 be like? Will he act like he’s interested, only to disappear in the next few days? Will he spend an hour talking about his ex and the battle over shared custody of their cat? Will he try using those shady PUA tactics your friend keeps showing you on Youtube?


Worst of all...will he even show up?


If you’re reading this, then you’ve had dates like this. You’ve endured the tedious small talk. Wasted hours getting ready, only for the guy to spend his time checking out every other woman in the bar. Agonised over confusing or vague messages, trying to work out if he’s even interested in you. 


It’s hard. No, it’s exhausting.


But it doesn’t have to be like this. 2020 can be your year to make an authentic connection and start building a life with a supportive partner.


We know, it might not feel like it right now.


Sure, you can keep going on pointless dates that make you wish you were at home on the sofa with Netflix. There’s nothing stopping you from wasting time with guys who keep you dangling for months before they move on.

​Or you can learn how to read the person in front of you


You can really get beyond their social mask to see what makes them tick.


Peel back the face they show you and find out their true desires and fears.


Uncover their hidden secrets and deepest beliefs in a single meeting - you’ll learn things they may not even know about themselves.


Spot the lie the instant it appears - and know exactly how to deal with it.


Get them to open up so you can see their vulnerability - see their humanity. This is the fastest way to create a lasting, authentic connection that can only bring you closer. No playing games, no psychological warfare. Just depth and honesty.

​You can achieve this  miracle by learning the same behavioural profiling  strategies that keep CIA operatives safe



That’s what we offer with the Love With Behavioural Profiling premium program.

We have an exclusive partnership with the world’s leading behavioural profiling expert Chase Hughes to support you through discovering the same skills that have been taught to over 2400 CIA Operatives, tailored to this specific challenge. 


Far from being the kind of ‘party tricks’ you might learn from a Youtube video, you’ll learn to read subtle cues, right down to small finger movements, to learn if the person is becoming more open towards you. 


And you’ll know how to ask the right questions to unlock the mystery of the person in front of you - without it feeling like an interrogation.


You’ll become aware of your own hidden needs, weaknesses and vulnerabilities - the very same parts of you that make it so easy to be misled or manipulated. No one will push those buttons again.


The best part of this cutting-edge profiling is not that you can read people in six minutes or less. It isn’t even the fact that you’ll be able to know if they’re going to hurt you in less time than it takes to buy a coffee.


It’s the fact you’ll be able to help people become the most vulnerable, open, confident, and best version of themselves. All within the first moments of meeting them.


​We should warn you, there are side effects of undergoing this high-level training. They include:


  • Better understanding of other people

  • More compassion towards yourself

  • No toxic people draining your time and energy

  • Heightened social and financial well-being through improved negotiation

  • Enhanced relationships with everyone you know through your greater support


Imagine being that light in the world. Being free to enjoy your dates, without wasting your energy worrying about their intentions. And saving yourself the pain and heartache caused by manipulative people. 


We promise you'll see more than you ever thought possible.


How The Training Is Delivered

Skills beat knowledge - 360 degree learning experience

  • 1:1 Support 

    Personalised coaching with experienced instructors to guide you through the entire learning process to help you achieve the best results

  • Lifetime Access to the training materials in your own membership area

    You’ll be able to revisit the material whenever you need so you can truly embed these life-changing principles

  • 12 Weeks of Online Training Videos and Workbooks

    Systematic, bite-sized training modules designed to help you rapidly take this learning from "head knowledge" into instantly applicable and actionable strategies

  • Weekly Q&A sessions with Behavioural Profilers trained personally by Chase Hughes

    One size fits all fits nobody well - we provide these sessions to tailor the learning process to your own individual situation, challenges, and goals.

  • Supportive Private Community

    Enjoy a supportive community with those who are on the behavioural profiling journey with you. You'll also gain a support network of highly educated professionals who are committed to finding and using the truth as their guide and greatest asset.

  • Personalised Roadmap

    You will finish this program knowing exactly what you need to do to greatly increase your skills in people-reading and influence, without having to act like someone you're not.

Starting on 1st June 2020


This is literally weapons grade communication. You will not find anything as advanced as this in the civilian world. We are excited for you to join the revolution of dating and relationships