The Love With Intelligence Program

Developed by behavioural profilers Lily Walford and Jonam Ross to create a program to release anything that is holding you back from having the relationship you deserve like the past, old toxic patterns, self doubt, fear!


Are You Ready for Your Dream Love Life?






Have you ever wondered why we decide to let these hold us back?


We can totally understand the frustration of feeling stuck between going to bed alone every night vs going on another awkward date. 


In both scenarios you are left wondering if you'll ever be in a position where you are in your new home, with a loving partners arms around you feeling safe, loved, secure - without inner mind chatter of an over active mind telling you it's all too good to be true. 


Being the only Dating and Relationship company in the world to be using behavioural profiling technology to empower women to have the relationships that they deserve, we are confident that you are in the best hands. 


We also use training videos, weekly Q&A calls, 1:1 coaching calls, hypnotherapy and exclusive Love With Intelligence insights to ensure that you have all the tools you need to improve that love life now!


You deserve real love because, let's face it - who is satisfied with second best?


If you want the best in love, then are you ready to start this program now! After all what do you have to lose - the first two weeks are absolutely free!



This Is Where You Are Right Now:

- Feeling secretly jealous of friends who are in happy and loving relationships

- Fed up of going to bed alone every night

- Terrified of dating

- Exhausted of going on dates that lead to no where

- Feeling hurt and used by prevous partners

- Have no idea why previous realtionships went wrong, wondering why you weren't enough


How About This Instead?

- Feeling totally empowereed and self confident

- Knowing how to date with ease (on or off line)

- Having the strategy to know if someone is interested in a  long term relationship

- Knowing how to create a relationship with strong foundations so you can finally enjoy a relationship where you feel completely loved and secure.

- Learn how to set boundiaries with a soft kind approach that's inline with you

- Build your ideal life to share with someone

- Get ALL your needs met within a relationship

- Let go of that old baggage that's holding you down from previous relationships

- Understand where your previous relationships went wrong so you can gain that closure



But You Keep Freaking Out!

- What if I invest and fail?

- What if I have nothing to offer someone?

- What if I'm the one person Lily cant help? Oh God that will be me!

- What is I am not made for love and I am meant to be single for the rest of my life





You Know It's All Bullsh*t Right? You Know Fear Is The BIGGEST Liar?

Join  Now To Access Our Exclusive Program

***Limited Spaces Available***


This One of A Kind Program Includes



Membership Area with weekly training that you can watch even after the program

4 x 60min 1:1 Coaching Calls 

Hypnosis Recordings


Weekly Live Group Q&A’s

Supportive community




Everything You Need To Ensure You Are Fully Supported



This Is Not For You If

- You make excuses and blame others for circumstances instead of taking action.

- You are not coachable and willing to be stretched and held accountable.

- Reluctant to invest in your self-development.



The Love With Intelligence Program is a premium level investment into your future, designed for empowered women who are ready to step up and create transformational results to have the love life of their dreams




One last thing....



I remember when I personally made that step in investing in my self development. I was terrified that I was going to part with money and remain heart broken and hopeless - so I know that you might be feeling fearful right now.


This big mistake that I made was that I used to think I could handle it all on my own.


This meant I wasted time feeling heartbroken about my ex, wasting time on dates that I knew were going no where - which ultimately left me feeling hopeless which indeed wasn't necessary AT ALL!


Now after investing in my own life and researching, I now enjoy the most loving, secure, safe and healthy relationship I have ever experienced in my life. I know for absolute certainty that I wouldn't have experienced this is I hadn't invested in me.



This journey together is about learning to let go of your fears and starting to make better choices.


I look forward to working with you, when we do this together, failure is not an option.






Empowering Single Ladies To Have The Love Life Of Their Dreams With Cutting Edge Behavioural Profiling Intelligence

Release The Fear Of Ending Up With The Wrong One Again


Dating has evolved so much over the last 10 years – but why has our approach to love stayed the same?


Allow us to guide you through the dating minefield with confidence and ease due to our extensive research and resources. 

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