Are You Tired Of Dating Narcissists & Manipulators?

  • Be among the first to gain cutting-edge solutions to an age-old problem
    This training has been developed with Chase Hughes, the world leader in behavioural profiling with over 20 years and $30M of government-backed research into how humans can be understood and influenced

  • ​Reliably uncover the danger signs that are currently flying under your radar
    Modern life is so full of attempts to influence and control us that we can become desensitised and blind to the red flags - We help you fine-tune your "early warning" system

  • Stop being used as a pawn in other people's self-centred games
    There is an entire industry teaching men how to systematically take advantage of women, often with no higher intention than to make the man feel better about himself - learn to uncover true intentions

  • Know where you stand straight away instead of having to rely on guesswork
    Gain vital glimpses behind people's social masks and start being able to tell the authentic, genuine articles from the fakes

  • Avoid the regret of falling for the wrong ones and pushing the good ones away
    Life is short, and we want to make sure that you have the best possible chance to experience the genuine, authentic, joyous connection that you deserve





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How The Training Is Delivered

Skills beat knowledge - We provide the 360 degree learning experience

  • Four weeks of online training videos and workbooks

    Systematic, bite-sized training modules designed to help you rapidly take this learning from "head knowledge" into instantly applicable and actionable strategies

  • Weekly Q&A sessions led by Behavioural Profilers trained personally by Chase Hughes

    One size fits all fits nobody well - we provide these sessions to tailor the learning process to your own individual situation, challenges, and goals.

  • Lifetime access to the training materials in your own membership area

    To ensure that you have the best chance of getting great results, we are making this available for you to access indefinitely.

  • Personalised roadmap to stop yourself from being a target of these personality types

    You will finish this program knowing exactly what you need to do to greatly increase your skills in people-reading and influence, without having to act like someone you're not.