Dating With The Deductionist

Do you wish you could decode an online dating profile?



Deep down, we all agree on the basic flaw of dating profiles. They force us to take people at face value. You only have a few (often pixelated) pictures and, if you’re very lucky, a bio. Unless you’re Sherlock Holmes, what can you understand about a person from a handful of selfies?



Well...what if you were Sherlock Holmes? Or at least knew a few tricks of his trade? You could read those images to see exactly what messages your potential dates are sending you.


Because those people are sending you messages whether they realise it or not. Even better, you can learn more from their photos than you can from their bio.

We’ve partnered with the Deductionist himself, Ben Cardall, to teach you how.

"This sounds too good to be true!"


You’re probably skeptical so let us give you an example of what we mean. 


We've all seen those dating profile photos where someone has clearly been cut out of the shot. Maybe you can see a shoulder or some blonde curls. It’s a good photo of the guy—but you can’t stop looking at that missing person.

Who is she?


No one would cut a family member out of a photo—they're not a threat to a new partner. Even a friend might survive a savage crop like that. 


What can we deduce then? 


This mystery person is an ex. Now, that's not a bad thing. After all, you probably have photos with exes in too. 


In fact, this can give you a really good impression of the person.


Say the photo clearly shows they’re in Tokyo - a holiday snap. We can tell he was invested enough in his past relationship to go on holiday with her. So he's capable of having relationships that last longer than a couple of weeks. 


That shows a love of travel, a willingness to commit, and an interest in holidays to less obvious places. It also shows he’s over his ex as he’s cut her out of the photo so he doesn’t put you off.


You learned all of that from a single photo on a profile!

Imagine what your dating life would be like if you could: 



Know at a glance who is worth a right swipe (and who is a definite ‘left’)

Avoid tedious ‘hi, how are you?’ back and forth conversations that fizzle out

Stop wasting your time, energy and emotions on men who just want a booty call

Answer the question “is he even single?”




These are among the skills you’ll learn from The Deductionist in this exclusive webinar. After undergoing this training, you will:


  • Learn a simple process to build a reliable personality profile of your potential date before you even swipe
  • Understand the clues—both good and bad—hiding in plain sight on his dating profile
  • Spot the gaps between what his profile says and what it shows—and discover the deception or ego that might lie in those gaps
  • Overcome your own emotional bias when evaluating potential partners
  • Avoid disappointment by seeing people as they are, not as you want them to be
  • Apply these principles to your own dating profile to send the right messages to men


How much more enjoyable would dating be when you're not wasting your time on men who aren’t ready - or willing - to commit, when you're only speaking to high-quality men who deserve your attention. 


Swipe confidently towards Mr Right


We should stress, this isn’t about just catching fakes or liars. Yes, it can help you avoid investing energy in the wrong people. 


But it can also help you find the diamonds among the broken glass, seeing positive points in profiles you might have otherwise overlooked.

Finding the right person for you suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.


Dating can often feel like a rigged game. Why not learn a different set of rules and re-rig the game in your favour?



"I LOVED the class, it was very very educational and also fun at the same time. Very interactive, I felt I was a part of the team, unlike most other classes where you feel like you are inside of a classroom. I also love that you can apply the knowledge IMMEDIATELY after the class, same night. You don't need additional training and reading for months in order to apply the knowledge, it's instantly applicable. And last, but definitely not the least, the knowledge gained can be used on absolutely any online profile, not just the dating apps. You can use the knowledge on facebook, instagram, snapchat etc instantly. Think about that. I will definitely be the first one in line for the next class!"



"Thank you for that training Lily I learnt so much! It's so obvious to me now that my last ex was a complete liar and I definitely could have seen that sooner if I'd of questioned his pictures more at the start. At least now I know what to look for. Thank you xxx"



"You know how you watch Sherlock (or Elementary, I won't judge), and once you've gotten over drooling over Benedict, you find yourself wishing you could read people like that? That you could look at profiles on Tinder and avoid the dropkicks and time-wasters, and actually find the decent ones? Well now you can! Thoroughly enjoyable course, and I now feel a lot more confident in swiping left or right, not worrying that I'm passing over a good one while wasting time on a nutter!"



"In reviewing my investment in Dating With The Deductionist I would certainly say it is a very high value program protecting a persons precious  personal resources ; time, privacy and money. What I found remarkable in taking the course is how much actual information is available that was previously missing to the eye in viewing an online profile and I have now left equipped with formidable tools that I now own for life. I have much more confidence that I’m closer to seeing the real person “behind” that photo."

This exclusive 2-hour online class goes live at 8pm BST on 28th June 2020.

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Ben Cardall is a mentalist with 19 years of experience in probing the depths of the human mind.

His approach combines behavioural profiling, psychology, and deductive reasoning.

He’s provided his services as a consultant to the police - so you’re in good hands. And yes, that does make him the real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Why not learn from the best?

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