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The Deductionist, Private Consulting

Are you really meeting the person behind the profile?


Or would you like us to fully introduce them to you?



Meet Ben Cardall

Ben Cardall - The Deductionist

Meet Ben Cardall, with 20 years experience and even being requested by the police to solve crimes you know that you are in safe hands.

Ben will use his skill set to decode your chosen dating profiles, giving you the insights you need to know before meeting a potential partner.

Our Private Services

Receive A Written Report

Send over as many good photos of this person as possible for a good read! This service is to look at a profile of a person of your choice. Ben will then write out a detailed report from the photos he receives. 

Ben shares with you the insights of the photos and what these attributes can point towards, giving you a close idea of what that person is like.



Receive A Voice Recording Talking You Through The Findings

After Ben has received the photos of your selected profile, Ben will send over a personalised audio recording talking you through his findings so you can see what he can see. 

He will personally share with you the insights of what he can see from the dating profiles so that he can collate that data and support you in understanding what this person is like. 


Have An Interactive 60min Session With Ben To Go Through The Profile And To Answer Any Questions You Have

Be prepared to have your mind blown! Ben will talk through the profile with you step by step, so you can see the magic happen of what Ben can deduce from your chosen profile!

As it will be interactive, you can also ask questions of what you'd like to know and if the information is in the photos Ben will be sure to let you know!



As with all profile reading, we read what is right in front of us. So please provide good clear photos so we can provide a clear reading from those photos as we can't read what is not there. The more clear information we have to go off the better, so we suggest providing 3 to 10 photos for a good read. 



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